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Cancer Rates: Big Decrease but Concerns with Certain Types

The past two decades have been good for the patients suffering from this disease. A recent study has reflected that there has been a considerable decrease in the rate of patients suffering from this abnormality visiting the cancer hospitals. In the United States alone the death toll has declined by a quarter.

Early detection, better treatment, and proactive preventive measures have contributed to this dramatic decline in the past two decades.

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Decrease in Overall Patients but Concern over Some Types

The significant drop is biased as the drop in this rate can only be observed in some types of growth. The mortality rate of patients suffering from prostate, lung, breast, and colorectal lumps have decreased considerably.

But, there are certain types where a lot of research & development is needed; early detection of certain tumors have not yet been perfected by medical science and this is contributing to a relatively low decline of patients suffering from pancreatic, liver, and ovarian cancer.

In fact, the rising rate of carcinoma of the liver can even be tagged as an epidemic. Oncologists say that ovarian and pancreatic tumors are two of the deadliest as they are detected late and claim most lives.

The liver tumor is observed to be increasing in both men and women and this is of serious concern; it is the type of this abnormality that results in most deaths. The risk involved with it is due to persistent infection caused by hepatitis B virus or hepatitis C virus.

Specialists Postulate “Obesity A Growing Concern”.

The early detection of the disease has contributed immensely to curb the tumors and it will continue to do so, but there are concerns over the growing number of people becoming obese or overweight and the age when it’s happening.

Obesity is a major cause for several types of lump like growth in both the genders. The risk of abnormality of this sort in colon, kidney, breast, and pancreas is observed to increase due to obesity.

Poor Health Insurance A Concern

The situation of the health insurance in the country is very poor. This can contribute to a rise in the mortality rate caused by this disease as the general population may be denied access to the top quality medical service because of their economic condition. Indian insurance market has a great unharnessed potential. It is one of the fastest-growing insurance markets in the world, but a lot more needs to be done and done hastily.

Researchers and best cancer hospitals view that there is a causal relationship between health insurance and the early detection of tumors.

Viewing the Future

Though the signs of a decreasing rate of cancerous tissue can be observed in the population, one must be wary of the concerns that linger. In India, Delhi accounts for the most morbidity incidence attributing to this disease. Specialists view that there is a rising rate of malignant growth in both men and women in Delhi; they agree that the major contributing factor of morbidity is due to the lack of medical infrastructure and access to the medical facility. Health insurance can help curb the disease and with the growth in it, the future looks livelier.